High Voltage Power Supply Unit - Standard variant



High Voltage Power Supply Unit is module intended for powering of applications which require high DC voltage, for example Nixie Tubes, Magic Eye Tubes, old radios etc. Module is designed as switching DC/DC step up converter. It requires low (safe) DC input voltage, which is converted to high output voltage with high efficiency. Output voltage is adjustable in the range from 105V to 182V, by adjusting multi-turn trimmer and this allows fine and precise voltage adjustment in all range

Caution: This device is a source of dangerous output voltage and must be handled by adults only! The work on this device is only allowed to competent authorized persons with the proper electrical qualification!
When you are handling this device it must be always disconnected from the main power source and wait until the output voltage drops to a safe level, which should be confirmed by measuring with voltmeter!
The completed device must be placed inside of an insulating cover, which isolates contact with dangerous output voltage!

Basic parameters

Input Voltage (VIN): 10V to 40V DC
Output voltage (VOUT): adjustable from 105V (±6V) to 182V (±3V) DC
Maximum Output Power: 5W (without using of switching transistor cooler)
Typical Efficiency: 86%
Dimensions (W x D x H): 34mm (1.34”) x 26mm (1.02”) x 14mm (0.55”)


The Power Supply Unit is delivered as fully assembled printed circuit board. Each module is connected to power and tested before packaging and sending to the customer.

Shipment contains:

  • HV-PSU_STD module
  • Module description and user manual in English language in paper form

Mounting and covering

HV-PSU_STD is designed as module which can be used as a part of user’s application. Once device (user application) has been assembled, you have to ensure, that power supply module is located inside insulating cover which avoids contact with dangerous output voltage. Module can be fixed in place by using four screws φ3mm (0,12”).

The pads of mounting holes are not connected to any signal. The outer diameter of these pads is φ5mm (0,20”). To prevent electrical connection of mounting screws with any PCB signal, the head of used screw should not be bigger than pad itself. It means the diameter of mounting screw head should be less or equal to φ5mm (0,20”).

If screw with bigger head will be used, the isolating shim of non-conductive material has to be inserted between PCB and head of screw.